"You are my life"

 Damon and Elena + real

"The universe doesn’t control anything. It’s not real."
"The universe doesn’t control anything. It’s not real."

Dont you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you.

dyhlanhoebrien asked: "BABE!!! just dropping by to say heyyyy, hope you had a good weekend and a great easter!!!! love you boo <333"

BABE :)!! I had a great weekend and an awesome easter, thanks <3. I’m super excited because tomorrow I don’t have to work \o/ is the anniversary of my hometown (capital of Brazil), so it’s a holiday here.  Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful easter too :). Have a great week boo <333 love you too ;) <3333


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tv show meme → favorite ships [3/4]

damon + elena (tvd)




i love when people are passionate about a certain character, like really passionate about them bc then i start associating them with that character and then the character reminds me of them and i’ll just be looking through my dash and then suddenly i’ll think about them

if i make you think of my favorite characters i have Succeeded

Ian Somerhalder - Years Of Living Dangerously


was that my hair or is there a spider crawling on me

Completely in sync

Completely in sync

The Vampire Diaries + green